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What is RFace?

RFace is a dedicated product for face recognition based on an image. It can work either in single or multiple-person recognition mode. To identify the face, it is necessary to pre-configure the solution (the so called training) by delivering a picture or a video of this person. Therefore, it is possible to use the solution and recognize faces based on images from the pictures or videos. Additional option include recognition of personal characteristics such as BMI and emotions.

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Outstanding Flexibility


White and black list

People can be associated with different groups, including white and black list.

Personal characteristics

It is possible to obtain personal characteristics including BMI and emotions.


Information about events related to image analysis and shared via API.

Analytics and support tools

The solution includes tools that enable preparing images for training (annotation) and analytical quality of identification.

How It Works

RFace cognitive services product has been implemented in web architecture with services layout that was extracted technology solutions from the machine learning area. User can operate through the internet browser. The system integrates with typical industrial cameras.
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